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I'm generally curious about the world around me. Outside of science, I enjoy digging into sociology, philosophy, anthropology, art and literature. My aim is always to make socially-conscious work.

I'm passionate about the climate crisis, and am trying (not always successfully) to reduce my own environmental impact. It's why you might hear me talk about attempting to give up flying, the brilliance of trains, failed veganism (why is cheese so delicious?), four day working weeks, and expanding wild areas.

I have two cats, who are excellent and ridiculous. I expect I'll write about them someday. 


I have a first-class masters degree in Physics and Astrophysics from the University of Edinburgh, and a masters with distinction in Science Communication from Imperial College London.

I've done tons of other stuff (I'm older than I look - I hope), if you want to find out more - send me a message.

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